Back Pain Breakthrough

I just picked up the latest copy of Readers Digest. And very interesting is an article about 3 new treatments for chronic back pain. Though by the time we get to see such articles it may not be brand new but I still though it would be a good thing to share .

  1. Neurostimulator - Woman suffered 20 years with stenosis, which pinches nerves. After numerous treatments it only caused other problems. But then in 2006 She heard of a “pain pace maker” It about the size of a pocket watch and is surgically implanted and connect with electrodes to spinal cord. Lasts approx. 9 years. 2 inch incision by hip area where neutostimulator is inserted. Within an hour of device inserted pain was gone.

  2. Dynesys system flexible fusion

  3. Spine wand - a probe ( Stryker Dekompressor) that is inserted into buldging , scoops out disc material through needle, creating a space that draws the disk back to its normal alignment. Or a ArthroCare SpineWand sends out electrical charge that creates a highly focused plasma field to vaporize and extract tissue . Takes only a hour. Relief instataneous.

And also though not approved yet is using Stem Cells.

And one other mentioned is thought to be a good breakthrough for the elderly . It involves regenerating bone growth. Also called SDBG.

For more info it gives a web site …

I hope this show to be a much needed breakthrough .

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