Been sleeping with AutoCPAP for 4 months

Hasn’t helped my fatigue or sleepiness. what to do??

You know I am in the same boat. I have used a CPAP since Oct 1995. It helps my wife, since I don’t snore while using the machine. I would like to quit, but my sleep doc said I would be at increase risk of heart attack or stroke. Wish I could help.

Sleepy43, please DO NOT stop using your CPAP machine. Death is a very real probability if you do. I know first hand about this. 1. I am a polysomnographer and 2. My mother died in her sleep because she took off the mask. She stopped breathing and never woke up. Please do not do this to your family. I tell all of my patients, and everyone I know with sleep apnea about my mother because it is so important that people understand that they can die if they do not use their machine. It is not pretty finding your loved one dead, purple and blue with their veins jutting out!!! That is an image that I will never forget and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Please continue using your CPAP - please.