Behavior Problems

Where the Pachygryia took place for Michael it effects his emotions does anyone else go through the horrendous meltdown, pinching,kicking, punching,etc. No matter what you it can be very difficult to try and calm him down. Thanks Rebecca

Hello, I have a 9 1/5 yr. old daughter and yes her emotions are a mess, well at times. She can be sweet as pie one minute and the next minute she is hitting, yelling, kicking and crying. We are working on a few suggestions from the counselor and have a feelings chart so she can try and get out her emotions with words instead of anger and a list as well, such as what to do in the mornings before school so it limits on what she can argue with but I do plan on finding a behavior therapist for her as its much more obvious that she has some of those issues. Well I know this wasn’t much help but I guess you know your not alone. Kim, and very good luck to you… Please let me know how things go

From: mistrmn01
Date: 2007/06/09 Sat PM 10:12:43 CDT
Subject: [pachygyria] Behavior Problems