Please if anyone has any suggestions about behavior, I am in desperate need.

Her new thing is asking inappropriate questions to total strangers, example you have big ears, or what is one your forhead, stealing things from cousins and stores and of course swearing all the time.

Any help!!!


I don’t have a child with ACC, but I am a special education teacher. I would suggest focusing on one problem at a time. Try to teach a different behavior to replace the one you want to get rid of. Teach the behavior in advance and then practice (maybe with some friends or family). Role play the way you want it handled. For instance, if she wants to know why someone has a mole on their face, tell her to keep it secret until the person is gone and then ask you. Then practice this and give reinforcement for proper response. Have a signal to let her know she is being inappropriate (like “stop” with your hand or something). If she breaks the rule, immediately remove her to a time out (perhaps go outside the store if you are in public) for a short time. Tell her the rule she broke and how to do it next time. I have used this type of technique in class with ACC student. It’s not always effective since they have trouble with impulse control (I swear one side of the brain does whatever it wants even though the other knows better!). In general, however, you always want to break things down to the simplest level and then reinforce each step. Be sure to explain to her that asking those type of questions hurts people’s feelings.