Behcet's and blood clots

Does any one know if BD can cause a women to pass clots during here cycle? Besides BD I also have another cloting disorder in my blood. The Dr. is not sure if it is the BD or the other thing causing these clots. I also have a very high Heart rate. Is this part of the disease or is something else wrong?

I have also had the clots during my cycle and don’t have and other medical condition other than the BD. My obgyn said that if your iron count is high that you can clot during your cycle. Have you had your iron checked?

make sure you follow up with the racing heart rate. I had that= tachicardia and they eventually gave me a pacemaker. I have had open heart surgery- during the first big flare I wasn’t followed or on medication so the disease distroyed my valve. I’m fine with that situation. I just continue to struggle with everything else. I have been dealing with this serious disease for 27yrs. and I’m still here!! I am seeing my cardioligist currently for afib. which is clotting blood in the upper chambers. anyways contact me and we can discuss this some more if you’d like.