Best anti-depressants for pancreatitis?


I am needing to know the best Anti depressant meds… I am on Oxycontin, and I think the medicine is doing this too me I am mean, Moody, irriatble, I am ready to leave my finance every week because when we fight i give up and i think that is the only answer instead of working things out… If people don’t do something right the first time I yell at them. I just don’t know what to do… I didn’t think i would ever need anti depressants going through this but i think now i do.



DON’T GO ON EFFEXOR XR!! It helps with depression but it is soooo hard to go
off of it. I have given up everytime I have tried, even with the help of my

So, I would recommend asking your doctors about that part before starting
anything because you don’t want to take anything forever. I know some people
resist taking anti-depressants but I don’t think there is any shame in it.
And, if you have reasons that cause you hesitation, make sure you write them
down and let your doctor know those are your concerns. There are so many
different anti-depressant medications available that they should be able to
find one that is right for you. I know that you also have had troubles with
work so money might be tight - check out the websites for the Pharmacies
near you that have good generic prescription programs. Your doctor should
know what is available as a generic, but just in case it wouldn’t hurt to
have the list with you.

The only other thing I can tell you to do, is practice deep breathing and
counting to five before reacting to any situation that you feel like you are
going to “yell” at someone about. And, while it is hard to do, apologizing
is very important for both parties involved. Because in turn, it gives that
person a reason to support you in becoming a better person.

Your fiance probably feels an enormous amount of stress from your situation
and I know you have mentioned before how supportive he is, so try your best.
Tell him when you aren’t angry that you are having a really hard time right
now and you need him to help you.

There is something that each of us finds soothing that helps us clear our
minds and calm down. For me, I love a cup of hot tea. In the evenings, I
drink any variety of celestial seasonings - my fave’s are peppermint and
tension tamer. But, for you it might be something different. When I am
really, really sick - I have a special playlist of songs that I play on my
iPod that I find inspirational.

A friend of mine picked me up yesterday afternoon and took me for my FIRST
motorcycle ride. It was so relaxing to just ride down the highway and
enjoying the fall views of Nebraska trees and the Missouri River. Sometimes,
we are our own worst enemy. Saying we can’t do something because of the way
we are feeling. I could have taken that ride months ago and it would have
been great therapy.

Hang in there. There are people who love you and want to help you bear the
weight, let them.




Pain meds will do this-




You know hat i have had great luck with is cymbalta, it also helps with aches and pains, i have tried several and it is the drug of my choice, they all work different for everyone though, but it would certainly be worth talking to your doctor!

Goodluck and do not give up, is there a possibility of getting off oxycontin and using something else? i guess i have heard such stories about it, i choose to use loratabs and promethazine, hope this might help, stay calm stress is not good for us ! have a good evening




The health food store turned me on to this: L- Theanine . It is a free form
amino acid found in green tea that really chills me out. I asked them for
something to help with stress. This is what they recommended. It really
works! I was advised that you can’t overdose with them. It comes in capsules
and chewables. The chewables work faster if you need to get calm right
away. However, the capsules are suppose to be better. I’ve used both- like
the capsules.
Here is the info:

L-Theanine- 200MG capsules- Anti-stress formula. The brand I use is Solaray.
I take three in the morning and take two late in the day. (This is what was
recommended by my health food store- not what the label says. Health food
store amount turned out to be correct for me)… Keeps everything on an even
keel. I have found no interactions or contraindications with meds I am
taking…including pain meds.
I figure natural “happy pills” are a whole lot better than drugs.
Give it a try. A bottle of 90 capsules runs about $44.00- You can buy a
bottle of 30 or 20 caps. Buy a small bottle and try it.

Hope this helps. It sure has helped me :slight_smile:





Read the post to Julie that I just sent about L- Theanine. Your motorcycle ride sounded like such fun. You are correct. Sometimes we need to just do it!

I find that green tea helps me as well.

May just try a motorcycle ride real soon ! :slight_smile:




Hi I just wanted to add that myself I struggled with mood issues with anxiety for many years and resisted medications.

Last fall, however, I decided to give them it a try. I was put on Prozac because it has anti anxiety qualities. It helped me immensely.

In fact, I wish I had started taking it years ago rather than suffering with the anxiety and sudden irritability for so long. So if anxiety is a part of your irritability I would consult with your physician about trying it. Based on your symptoms they should be able to help you decide what will work best for you.

Good luck.