Best tricks for providing achalasia stories

Hi Peg.

Your message seems like a good place to start a discussion about how this system can be best used to provide achalasia specific information. Like you I found TanTan’s message very well written. TanTan’s story on TanTan’s personal page is also very good, but it is not linked to any of the other achalasia information. I noticed that in the Learn Tab under Treatments there is a place for stories to be linked to a treatment. I think it would be great if TanTan’s messages was linked to the Heller Myotomy topic, but it is not. I am guessing that the information would have to have been entered using the How I Cope option of My Story. There are also topic pages for Pneumatic dilatation and Esophageal dilations that How I Cope stories could be linked to. I am not sure just how the linking happens though.