I am on Betaseron and copaxone.  Since I started Betaseron we have had to go to 1/2 dose because I get extremely weak the day after my shot.  I am still getting weak even on the 1/2 dase.  Anybody else have this? 

Copaxone makes me narcaleptic for a little while 1/2 hour after injection. I just fall asleep for 15 minutes on the couch or floor. The Copaxone reps said it was a know side effect and it would go away.

Why are you taking both of these medications at one time? I did not know it was possible to take both. I know that drug trials are going on using both Copaxone and Avanox.

I would call the companies about these possible side effects also the pharmacy and your own Doctor. It doesn't seem like this is a good way to have to live for a while.

I hope things get better and let us know what they say!


did you work your way up to the full dose?  My doctor had me work my way up for the first month.  I felt horrible after my first few shots, but by the time i got up to the full dose i handled it just fine.

I am on Avonex and I started on a 1/2 dose for the first month and then went to a full dose.  I have been on Avonex for 6 months now and I still have the same side effects as if it were my first shoot.  I am hopeing it will get better because I am about to give up.  



 Copaxone has very few side effects. It is a once a day shot. I give it to myself at 10am. I use ice because it aches like a sore muscle for about 1/2 after the injection and welts up. It may get a little itchy like a bug bite, but that is it. I have never felt flu like symptoms with this medication.

I don't think I could take the flu symptoms every week. That would really be hard if I had to feel awfull every week.


Thanks to everyone for your suggestions  My doctor took me off betaseron but left me on copaxone.  He now wants me to go on Tsabri.  I am scared of this drug.  Anybody take this?  Thanks