Bipolar under control,help solving everyday problems

Hi, I have accepted my mental health condition and try to keep on an even keel but on top off this I have oste/arthritis and need two knee replacements plus rheumatiod/arthritis. My body gets very soar. Then on top of this you have problems that just pop up everyday. My main worry at the moment is my son he’s gone away for a year three weeks in Thailand, then the rest off the time in Australia. He is 24years old, i know i have to let go and not worry but this is hard!!!

Hi, yeah, kids can bring out a lot of worry in a mom. Everytime my older two children even go for a bike ride down the block, I panic.So seeing your son go off to a foriegn country…yeah that must be stressful, I can’t even imagine. As for your pain, my mom had maropothy( think I spelt it wrong) from complications from her diabetes. She was in a lot of pain before she died. I got her something from an aromatherapy store that she would put in her bath water that apparently worked wonders for her. It’s a Canadian franchise but I can see if I can find out what it was. I’m not saying it’s an instant cure, but it may alleviate some of the pain?

Take care of yourself & best wishes to your son.