hello to anyone out there ive have been recently been diagnosed with bipolar2 please excuse spelling and maybe even my grammar as well ! ive been put on a months worth of mood stabilsers under the supervison of my doctor etc just to see how i get on with them ! i always knew i had some sort of problem wether it was bad spelling or poorly writtern emails like this i went through quite a few anti depresents and after a few months of either being “quite” well then it would all fall apart, i never been sectioned, i just wanted to know if there was anyone esle out there thanks for letting my type this .

Hi Fizzy again,
Yes you sound bipolar. I am bipolar, I was so happy there was a reason for things I had done, things that I didn’t understand why I did them, I just thought I was BAD! I just thought that I was bringing all these problems on myself, and I had always been told to “just pull yourself up by your boot straps and move on.” I have never been able to “just let things go” and I couldn’t figure out why. When I was diagnosed several years ago, I was so relieved, to know that everything I had done had a reason for it, and I had been trying to control things that I didn’t know how, and found out, that at the time I couldn’t control. (without meds it is difficult to control our emotions, as well as understand what we do)
I’ve been hyper sexual for some time, and that was what make me feel “bad.” But now I know it was due to the bipolar. Staying “true” to one guy has been a problem for me.,but my husband has had some magic over me, for 21 years I have been more true to him then anyone. I guess it’s because I don’t want to hurt him. He met me when I was in my divorce, and I was homeless, living with a friend here and there. Finally he decided to move me into my own apartment after I got on Workman’s comp. Then I just started sleeping with any thing and every body. I had given up on myself and felt totally lost. He took over,kicked the others out of my apartment and moved in with me. I quit being anorexic, started staying in bed to heal from the reason why I was on Workmans comp. It took me 2 yrs. on workman comp., as I was in a deep depression but didn’t know, but the doc knew, but she didn’t address the problem.
Any way, Fizzy be grateful you are bipolar and continue to work with your counselor. Just being able to talk to them helps, if they are any good. Mine is good, I finallly found one that I like.,
write when ever you,

It was amazing reading your post. MY 26 YEAR OLD SON TOLD ME THAT HE JUST NOW REALIZED THAT THE THINGS HE HAD DONE IN HIS TEENAGE YEARS AND EARLY TWENTIES, were caused by the bi-polar. He sees a psychiatrist twice a month, calls himself bi-polar, but somehow he didn’t realize that it was the illness that had caused some of his behaviors. He thought that he was just a bad kid then. I am so shocked. I don’t quite understand how he didn’t put the two things together. But I’m glad he finally did.

Hi Robsmom,
I understand how your son felt. I thought I was just a bad person for so long! Now that I know I’m bipolar, and even though I know why, I still put myself on a guilt trip and feel awful about what I used to do. Even though I know God forgave me, it isn’t easy for me to forgive me.
So just show your son that you are trying to be empathetic and that you really want to understand and let him know you still support him, will be enough.
Thanks for talking to me,

I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar in 1997.I thought I was bi-polar all along.When I was seeing a psych doc and a counselor for depression,I brought up the bi-p with the counselor.She asked me,Do you think you can jump off a building and fly?Of course I said no.She said,Then you’re not bi-polar.
I have pretty low manias,no hypersexuaitybut I do drive fast.My depressions are REALLY low.I don’t know what form of bi- it is,but I know it’s something.

my son has bi-por 2 he sound just like you. he has touble in school. He gradutes this year. Then he going into a work program. My daughter also have bi-polor 1. She has problems also.

Hi Willowrose,
Instead of bipolar, you may have unipolar, which is just the depression, and can be just as devastating for the person having to deal with bipolar 1-7.
So keep talking with your pdoc and see if you could be unipolar.
My grandaughter hasn’t been diagnosed as of yet, however the doctor acknowledges there is something wrong, maybe Asbergers, which is just as hard to deal with; but more recognizable. Do you have any info I could give to my daughter in dealing with her daughter?
She has no idea how to deal with her daughter nor her other daughter which very often is the victim of her sisters episodes.
Emily, the one with either bipolar or Aspbergers, knows there is something wrong, she says she has a demon inside of her. (she is 9). I knew as a child something was wrong with me too. But her little sister, Emily, (she is 7) doesn’t understand why her sister “is mean” to her, and my daughter doesn’t know how to explain that to her either.
Her husband isn’t supportive at ALL!!!
So she is kind of on her own. She doesn’t have a computer at this point. But if you could shed some insight for her, I could print it out and send it to her in the mail.
Any way, I hope this helps some.

Hi Robsmom,
He didn’t put the two together for so long, bkz when we acted out when we were kids, we were made to believe in some way we were just a bad kid. WE got disciplined for what we had done wrong, which is only right, and usually it was quite often, since we really couldn’t control our behavior at this point. That feeling of being a “bad kid” stays with us because that is our value system taught to us by our parents. Our parents usually didn’t understand our bipolar issues, or even know we were bipolar. I know my parents didn’t know. Even if your son was diagnosed earlier then myself, the society we live in by it self will make you feel like you are that “bad kid” if you don’t conform to what society tell us to act like. Society doesn’t know that we were acting out from being bipolar, just like ADHD for so long was so misunderstood. The kid was just a “bad kid.” Lo and behold, when someone understood something else was going on besides just being a “bad kid” and started medications on them, that child all of a sudden was a “good kid.” Same way with kids that are bipolar, with medications, they no longer are that “bad kid.” But unfortunately, it isn’t found out soon enough for that “bad kid” that is bipolar, as doctors don’t like to “label” a child. I agree with that to a point, but when there is definetly something wrong, and the doctors still don’t do something, then that is when it is wrong without making a diagnosis of bipolar.
I hope this wasn’t too windy!!! But, hey, I’m bipolar what can I say. Books are easier to write then just an explanation. lol

Thanks, Ike. I do understand your explanation, although I don’t think we ever thought our son was a bad kid; we always knew that something was troubling him. It’s more that HE knew that the things he was doing were wrong. It still makes me feel very sad that he ever thought he was a bad kid.

HI Robsmom,
I always felt like a bad kid! However, I was molested too, and I know that that alone made me feel that way by itself, but I also feel if the bipolar could of been recognized a lot sooner I would of had a lot less problems, obviously, I guess, right? Any way, I’m sorry your son felt like a “bad kid” too, because I have a son that felt the same way. HIs problem was a MEAN dad! But I still feel bad that took all that on and blamed himself for feeling like a bad kid when he really wasn’t.
KIDS! (lol)

well i must say iam in great company, since that email ive had some help getting money for my bi-polar which i resisted for years and some how still have some sense shame anyway it helps me, iam not feeling to fablous at the moment putting it blunlty its black, but that is the nature of this untrained and sometimes unyealding puppy dog… ive tried to die abt a week ago its got that bad but something is savin me anyway iam glad people like u are here
thanks to u