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My name is nancy and i jus found out on may 10th that i have bladder cancer, i have been going thru these treatments every week called BCG,i have a few more weeks left then the dr will check the status, im not really sure what the means but i was told that i should go with the chemo instead, i had a 15mm mass removed on april 11 then i had an ultrasound on may 9th and the results showed another mass that was 9mm. I dont know what is going 2 b come of all this ,but will try 2 keep u updated,
thank u much Baronesk


I was diagnosed with high-grade TCC over six years ago and have been treated with TURBT, BCG and BCG + Interferon.


Had my 2nd incident of superficial bladder cancer last fall and had 6 treatments of mitomycin. Considerable burning by the last treatment. Now my urologist has started me on 3 “preventive” treatments of mitomycin… 7 months after first insertions and one month after a “clean” cystoscopy. After the 2nd treatment I had significant blood in urine for about 3 hours and am currently on my 9th day of continued “burning”… although improving daily… I did go on antibiotics after 8 days and a culture is still being processed. I am hesitant to take a 3rd treatment of mitomycin, scheduled for 4 days from now and wonder if this is really helpful???


Diagnosed with T2G2 bladder cancer in 1/2002 and had radical cystectomy with an ileal neobladder urinary diversion in 2/2002.


i am a 2 yr. survivor of high grade bladder cancer w/2 surgeries and 24 bcg treatments behind me. i didn’t have med. ins. and found that organon, the co. that makes bcg, will donate it free of charge without income requirements or applications. this saved some $$$.


m/57 diagnosed 1/07 looking for the strenth


My significan other, Vicko has been treated for bladder cancer with BCG . I t has been successful but now there is a tumor in the ureter, stent installed. Nervously awaiting next step.


i have bladder cancer


Diagnosed with Bladder Ca in 2004, since have had numerous treatments and low grade tumors removed. Still feeling good but the aggravation of 3 month cysto’s and letdown when another tumor is found is sometimes tough. Thought sharing and information would be worthwhile.


I have been told i have the agressive form of bladder cancer have having the tumor removed by the cysto scope
have been refered to specialist in indianapolis @ IU medical center


Mass was found in bladder post IVP. Scoping me tomorrow(7/06/07).

Trying to get as much information as to the cancer potential and eventual treatment.


Hi everyone my name is Larry and i have bladder cancer which i am undergoing chemo therapy for. I just joined this group to find out more about it and to have a support group with which i can talk to other people with the same infection.


I am not sure who sent the message about brussel sprouts and bladder prevention cancer to me, but I appreciate it very much.

This site is VERY confusing with no good explanation as to how to sort out such things as who sent a message and how to directly respond to that person.

Maybe in time…


I am a 64 year old male who has had a radical cystectomy in Mar 2008. Cancer was confined to the wall of the bladder. There was no spread and I now just get CT scans every 6 months.


I live in the northeast and suffer from seasonal depression. I basically hibernate from november until april. Besides moving, I’d really like to talk to people about how they’ve conquered their depression. I’m a really cynical person and depression has got me beat :confused:

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