Bladder cancer

Husband recently diagnosed with stage 2, high grade bladder cancer. What can I expect from Bladder removal and radical ressection surgury with stoma? Recovery, care of stoma, etc. Thank you.

well my husband was in the hospital for 11 days 3 day icu, remember each dr
and patient is different. they should have stoma nurse there to teach you
they did us ask the dr in advance about that because you will need help to
know how to change the bag because he won’t be able to do it for awhile. My
hubby was back riding his motorcycle after 5 weeks of surgery he’s 71 at the
time and very strong 71 it just depends on there out look too and getting up
and moving afterwards. They also took out his prostate because bladder
cancer had spread to there to. If you have any more questions I would be
glad to help from the wife end if i could.

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Hello there. My husband had bladder removed in Oct. 2006, 11 days in hospital and 3 in icu. The staff will show you, teach you all about the after care, and trust me, there is alot of hands on care, alot more than I expected. My advice is…stay possitive and talk to one another. He will go thru many many moods from depressed to angry at the world, all i am told is normal. We are still working thru all of the above. Am here to help any way i can…good luck and thoughts and prayers are with you.