Bladder reconstruction!?

ok, i was diagnosed t1-s1 high grade and cis in 5/05. 2 tur’s and 25 bcg’s, 10 cysto’s later my uro isn’t finding recurrent disease, but is strongly asking me if i want to have bladder reconstruction. is this a common practice? why put me thru all the previous if it was inevitable? i didn’t have insurance or $ then and i’m sure the operation and follow-up care would be staggering. my uro talks about recurrance, but not really. if recurrance happens could it come back with a vengeance and metastisize before it’s found? i work now but how about after a surgery of this magnitude? i would appreciate any feedback. thanks.

I hear you i am told it is about a 8 hour surgery @ 1 week in the hospital
with a couple of days in icu
i will know more on wednesday i am meeting with uro to discuss this same surgery
good luck '
dave carson

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