Hi, my name is Nichola.  I have Blep, I have had 3 corrective surgeries, the last which was unsucessful.  My question is, has anyone out there had more than this (operations) and were u happy with the results?


Thanks for the information. My daughter is 19 years old and had all her surgeries as a young child. It is up to her when/if she wants more.

I have inserted a picture. She too had the muscle from her let put into her eye one time and from the tissue bank on another occasion.

Good luck in the future for you.


Hi, I’m stacy & I’ve had over 20 surgeries. Some were sucessful, while others weren’t. Right now it is still obvious I’m affected by this condition but great improvements have been made. I’ve had everything from the muscle in my leg put into my eye lid to the sling operation. If you have any questions, i’ll be happy to answer


Hi, I have had only two ops, including taking muscle from my leg and the bridge of my nose pinched (don’t know technical terms) when i was 6 and 8. I am now 38 and have noticed over time an improvement to the size of my eyes. People used to comment alot especially at school but now as i explain about my daughters condition, she also has bleph…, they are surprised to hear that i have the same problem because they have not noticed anything unusual. I hope u can be encouraged by this, things do get better.


Thanks Mandy

My children’s father (age 62) had what sounds like the same surgery you did

  • that is, using fascia from his leg. My son (age 36) had artificial muscle
    tissue implanted in 1975 and two more operations later, but there is still a
    noticeable difference. His daughter is about to have surgery early next
    year. The doctors have said things have improved quite a bit since he was
    born - mainly technology. Do you have any pictures?