Hi, my name is Nichola.  I have Blep, I have had 3 corrective surgeries, the last which was unsucessful.  My question is, has anyone out there had more than this (operations) and were u happy with the results?


Hi Nichola!

Sadly, there is only a certain amount of success in each case. Some get 10%, some 30% some 40, It’s a crapshoot.

They can only operate on the lids very few times. they tied my muscles and it help a little then later i wanted something else done.

The doctor said the muscles were already to short and weak to tie again but said he could try silicon implants tied to the muscle on one end and tied to the eyebrow on the other end. So I had that done, and now I raise my eyebrow to lift my lid.

I hope this information helps. I know the pain we go through this. May God Help you and your daughter.