Block complications-HELP!

I had a stellate ganglion block on Thursday. The next night my neck began to swell and I was having a hard time swallowing. I went to the Emergency room and they thought it might be an allergic reaction. They sent me home because I was able to breath normally and the Cat Scan didn’t show anything. The next morning (this morning) I woke up and my neck is stiff, still swollen, I have a head ache, I have neck pain and worst of all the block didn’t do anything for my arm pain. Is all of this normal???

i have been taking blocks for 7-8 years. i am always stiff and a little
swollen at the site of injection. in addition, my nerve endings always
flare up and i have a body burn on my back for about 5 days/ the after
effects are harder on me than the block itself. i have rsd, fibromlaga,
spelling? post tramatic stress disorder. i just recently got out of the
hospital with and upper and gi infectiion. stress hits me in my stomach.
withing the next month or two i am having a pain pump inserted…that way
no medicine goes througnt my liver, kidneys, stomach or whatever. it goes
directly into sprial cord. what kind of illness do you have. please write
back and let me know. chronc pain is a lonely life and very hard to accept,
it ever i can help jsut let me know. pleae excuse all of the mistakes in
spelling i am still very week. i send my love and you are in my prayers.
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Sorry to hear your nerve block procedure was unsuccesful and so complicated,
mine too. I too, came out of the nerve block procedure with a swollen face,
eyelid, neck and a soar throat, but no trouble breathing. As a fan of
natural treatments, I drank 100% aloe vera juice and soaked paper towels with the
aloe vera and kept it on my face and neck. As few hours later all of the
side effects had gone away. Hope this helps maybe for next time.

Don’t let this speed pump in life hold you back from trying what ever it

Take care Jen and keep the faith.


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I need some serious advice! My new doctor put me on medical food. MEDICAL FOOD! Theramine and Gabadone. Oh and zoloft. Thats it. Oh and he wants to do a thermal ablation on my nerve. As I understand it, from other people with RSD, you should never have it done? Any advice? I’m freaking out!