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Has anyone tried Dr. Biber at Beth Israel? Any comments about him or anyone else???

Where do I take an elderly woman who didn’t like the mask so the technician let her walk out of the sleep study and let her give up? Who is really, really good as a sleep expert in finding mask solutions and has a really good lab that will ensure she is comfortable enough at the test? Who/what place will work with her afterwards to ensure the right mask is selected? Thank you!

don’t quite know the answer, but it;'s important, i just had a former client
just die from sleep apnea because she couldn’t tolerate the mask. When I
finally got my machine, i just got out of the hospital and was on oxygen. the
tech set it up wrong and I ended up with no oxygen and the machine was off so
no pressure. I freaked bad and needed several weeks of going to bed with
xanax to get used to the machine, I am fine now, no xanax at all and luckily i
no longer need oxygen. Marianne

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Why were you put on the oxygen for a short period of time and then taken off? I thought oxygen was only prescribed for low saturation? What was the xanax for? I’m still having lots of difficulties and wonder if oxygen would help me?

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