My C125 tests have never gone back to below 75. Right now they are at 95. I think that is pretty good. When you hear other people with them at 30-40 they are in a panic. Doctors say I am not in remission until they get to 40 or below. I have been through 4 kinds of chemo over the last two years. Is anyone else in this position or do you have thoughts.



My marker has never dipped below 200. I started out with a count of 1045. I do hear, like you, the panic in people’s messages when their markers go above 20 and wish that I could know that feeling of being in double digits instead of triple. My doctors are not overly concerned (they are to a point, but not panicking) that I have hovered around the 300 mark for the last 3 blood work ups. However, I do feel ok and can function and my scans show no progression or new disease so we are continuing.



My CA 125 just jumped from 170 to 262. I am panicking because it jumped about 100 points in just three weeks. My doctor says it is still stable, but that does not sound stable to me. I am trying to stay positive but am feeling scared.





Thank you for checking in. My docs have said that the CA125 is still in the stable range and want to keep me status quo with the clinical trial. So, I am trying to remain calm and take comfort in the fact that I feel well otherwise. Thanks again for thinking of me.
How are you doing?

Stephanie Chapman