Calling attention to NPD email stories to Oprah, Dr Phil

One, email with the subject, Narcissistic Personality Disorder would get lost in the volums of emails that go to the shows but if we all shared our stories and sent them on the same day, that would stand out and call some attention to us. any one interested in doing that, or any other emails to call attention to changing and including this is in the defintion of domestic violence, please put your name here to be contacted. You know a little group of women back around 1870, when women were the property of men, OVER AN AFTERNOON TEA, decided that women should have the right to vote. They really ran up against a male dominated society, it took another generation to keep up the fight, took almost 70 years to get the right to vote. It is still a male dominated society with a lot of the good old boys and attitudes still around. Sign up here hugs mamolie

What makes any of you think that Oprah will pay attention? Or Dr Phil? If I were either of them, I would do shows that are guaranteed to bring in good ratings, not shows that are simply a good idea.

You might want to try Dr Laura Schlessinger instead, because her radio shows are a little more in line with what you’d want her to talk about.


Mamolie,You are the mother ship lol! Put my name down,I think this is a great idea and it couldn’t be at a better time considering the OJ drama thats come up.He is a narcissist and the whole world is listening now

I’m in - and, maybe, it won’t get us far. But, what I know is that you never get if you don’t ask. I say let’s go for it!

Count me in.If Living on the Down low got exposed and was featured on Oprah,NPD is next.We have to believe it.Even if it means involving the authors of any of the many books we have read.
Many failed relationships amd marriages were caused by NPD.We were fortunate enough to find the name.Can you imagine how many people are out there hurting,not knowing what they have been through?

Seems like a good idea…of course Im from england but we have narcs over here too lol

Great Idea!! I think it also might be helpful to write to and Halle Berry and ask her to help convince Oprah to do this.

I believe there is a ripple affect to each Narcissistic person out there. My former husband has not only hurt me, but he has deeply hurt his 3 kids, my mother, my sister’s family my aunts and uncles, his parents, his brothers, sisters and their family, and many other family members. It has impacted my kids friends, their parents, the people he has worked with and on and on. There are so many people that are directly or indirectly touched in some way by people with these mental disorders. I believe that if we don’t call attention to this illness, future generations are going to continue to be impacted.

OJ is an example of a pathological narcissist. Yes, he is back in the news. What bothers me is people in the news media will describe many of the characteristics of narcissism but they don’t use the word. They are not talking about where this is coming from. Narcissism breeds narcissism from what I am learnng. It has alot to do with how one was treated as a child. When children are talked to and treated in such a way that makes them feel shameful all the time they develop a shield (false ego) to protect themselves and they don’t grow emotionally as a person. Chronologically they are aging, but emotionally they become arrested at some point in time. My former husband, I believe was so angry about some events in his life around the age of 13/14 that he shut down emotionally. He has a teenage psychie. He was diagnosed as a “closet” narcissist, made a decision he wasn’t living the life he wanted and 40+ years of build up started to explode.

It’s one thing to understand what you’re dealing with and it takes time to really wrap your head around the whole concept. It’s another to start taking the steps toward how to deal with this. I believe there are a lot of people that are impacted by others with this illness. I believe it is very important to start opening up a dialogue regarding this illness. I believe Ophra and Dr. Phil would be very interested in helping to raise the awareness of this illness because I see it impacting so many people.

The problem is that many don’t want to dig down and really understand what this is all about, the impact it has on children and how it is impacting families in general. I can say it has changed my life forever. I know I spend a great deal of time trying to better understand what this is all about. I am doing this because I want my children to be aware, to know how to communciate with their father so they have healthy boundries and are not getting hurt by him over and over again. Who are we on the inside? What do we feel and what does it feel like?

I believe there is hope for narcissistic people. An individual earlier in this discussion pointed out three steps. I agree with this, but I believe, from my reading that what is showing some success is a treatment very similar to AA. Intervenion with AA. Gestalt therapy is also being used. It is a long emotionally draining road and not necessarily one of recovery. It helps if other family members, friends, etc. have the ability to be able to recognize this illness. Many are not mentally at a point themselves to be able to do the work that needs to be done. It’s all about educating, communciating and a learning curve. Who would have guessed that not all people possess the ability to love or care for another. I always assumed everyone did. I was wrong. I believe the ability is there but something has blocked these emotions. The quest is how does one help another to unlock a portion of themselves that is buried so deep. It’s like being blind and finding a way to see. Maybe not as well as I can see, but see something more than just darkness.

I hope this illness can come to light and I am willing to help do this in any way possible.


All good points, I too believe some n’s can make progress; my bf has made a lot of progress but again, a long hard road and he is very motivated, of his own accord, to get better. He had the classic sad upbringing that one would expect might lead to this outcome.

I think it would be beneficial for there to be more light shed on this condition and personality disorders in general. I read somewhere recently, with Freud and Jung etc…in those early days of western psychological thought, most mental illness revolved around neurosis…which is a tendancy to take on TOO much responsiblity, to be too much a nervous wreck and always worried you are not doing good enough, being a good enough person, not giving enough, not doing it right, being TOO repressed, not fitting in etc.

There has been a groundswell starting probably in the 60’s of what use to be considered less understood and rarer manifestations of the personality disorders, whereby the damage seems to be the opposite of neurosis; rather than being almost compulsively worried about society and making sure you fit in w/ the herd and are accepted…in contrast, n’s , show a LACK of caring about anyone else, and an over preoccupation with getting ones own needs met, and being diconnected from others and struggling with the ablity to be in relationship w/ others. I think what we are seeing in many ways mirrors what we are witnessing in society these days at large. The 60’s was the ME GENERATION. We have a bunch of 30-40-50 year old children that grew up in that ME generation and were being raised in that ME generaton. We had all the comforts of home, but many of us had parents that had ‘checked out’. Emphasis is on ‘things’ and having ‘things’ and wathcing ‘tv’ rather interacting with human beings and being appropriately socialized. Familys that once lived close by eachother or with eachother, even with extended grandparents etc. are all but gone, now we are lucky if one parent is living in the home w/ the kids and in many homes, no one even sits down together to the table for meals anymore. I know it’s politically incorrect, but we have had a huge cohort of children foisted onto ‘daycare’ providers instead of being at home bonding with mom or dad…in days past, only the most affluent could afford to have someone spend most of their day taking care of your children…now it’s an industry, standard operating procedure. TV today revolves around ‘reality shows’ whereby being more cunning, ruthless, and/or displaying a complete lack of empathy for others is hearalded and applauded. Our culture and society at large has gone through some dramatic and swift changes in the last 50 years. It’s no longer about sacrafice and consideration for the greater good. I 'm not saying any one of these issues casues NPD…I just think there has been a significant change in the overall way we live and it is showing up as a whole in the mental struggles this generation is manifesting. I believe most people w/ NPD are developmentally stuck at a very young age.

This entire subject is very important and very fascinating. I think I read on some website a person making mention that Dr. Phil HAD done an episode on NPD…I will check his website and see if I can confirm that…

Has anyone on this forum seen a TV episode addressing npd?

By the way, if you haven’t stumbled accross it yet… there are two recorded transcripts available as links on this forum, I think under Knowledge/ or can find under whats new re: NPD…they are very informative, the authors of two books on NPD are interveiwed and are very candid about their experiences and opinions re: NPD.

Take care all!


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