Can anyone help me?

Hi, my name’s Ryan and I’m new here and I’m after some help. :slight_smile: I’ve been having problems with my bladder for sometime now! I’ve had some blood in the urine, (although not for a month or so) bad pain when urinating, a intermittent precise pain in my bladder, perineal and pubic pain, passing gas when urinating, and a couple of times pain when ejaculating. I’ve had a cystoscopy and the doctors found something in my bladder. At the time they said it was a enterovesical (?) fistula (I’m also a Crohn’s patient) but having had an IVU and Gastrograffin enema it’s been revealed that this is not the case. I’ve suspected it might be Interstitial Cystitis but I’m a 22 year old male and from what I’ve heard it’s a lot rarer in young males. I’m booked in for another cystoscopy where they are going to take biopsies under general anaesthetic. Can anyone give me any ideas of what it might be? It sounds so similar to the symptoms you would get with IC. I’m kind of at the end of my tether!
Thanks :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you might have if it isn’t interstitial cystitis. I am
fairly young as well I am 26 but I am a female so I don’t know if its the
age that makes it more rare or the age and you being a male that makes it
rare. I really hope you find out what is going on. If you ever need to talk
let me know. Kelli
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Yeah I thought it was rare being both young and male. I read that only 10% of people that have this are male, and me being quite young also I guessed it would be rarer. Still, doesn’t mean it’s impossible I suppose!

Thanks for your kind response Kelli :slight_smile: It’s really nice to know that there are people that are willing to listen :slight_smile:

You are welcome Ryan.
I can totally understand how it feels to be young with this. I also have
endometitrousis and just had surgery in June for it and also to remove a
fibroid from inside my uterousis. I hope you are finding good doctors and
good medicine to make you feel better.
Remember to keep thinking positive!!!

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