Can someone tell me?

Can someone tell me if CFS and Fibro are one in the same or not.I was told by my Dr i had CFS but i always hear people refer them as the same thing.Please shed some light on this.Also can someone tell me if there is anything that can be done to help combat my constant fatigue?I never took my diagnosis seriously because of the name but now i know better.

I hear the difference is CFS is more about the fatigue being the main complaint and th FM the pain is the most major complaint. It depends on who you talk to and where you read the two are used interchangably it seems most places. I personally feel I have both thought I am ondiagnosed recently with CFS! HTH! Cshells

Will someone tell me what I can tell my doctor, I have reported all these symptoms for two years and the doctor acts like there is nothing wrong with me. Please help! I lost my husband of sixteen years, because he thought that I was lazy and that I did not want to work, but that is not the case, I have not been able to work. I can hold a job for a short while but then it is like this disease overrides everything in me and then for a while I can hardly get out of bed. Thanks for any input or suggestions.

Thank you so much for all the advice.I really appreciate it.I am going to look into the things you told me would help.I do have someone who will take the kids for a whole day so i can get some rest.It helps me out alot to not have to push myself to take care of them.I have non stop fatigue for about 2 years.I almost lost my husband because of it.I do have pain all over my body too.I just need some relife.I wonder if i will ever have a day where i will beable to get through a day with no fatigue.Anyway thanks.