Can you explain about abdominal hysterectomy?How long


can you explain about abdominal hysterectomy?How long hospital stay and recovery?



I had a radical hysterectomy in 2003. I was 33 years old. I had an amazing surgeon at Sacred Heart Hospital. I went there the night before surgery, but stayed in a hotel room with my husband, however we went the day before not only for preregisteration but also because we lived hours away. So…of course I don’t remember anything until after surgery, thank goodness for small favors!!! :slight_smile: I don’t remember exactly how long I was there, however it was four days to a week. I couldn’t poop though, and you HAVE to poop after surgery before they let you go home. :frowning: I dont’ remember that many details as strange as they may sound. However I am on my second round of chemo now, for recurring oc. I believe it only took maybe a month if that to start feeling like I could do the things I wanted too, and to walk upright, which you should do the whole time. :slight_smile: I started chemo two weeks after the surgery. So I was up and about somewhat. I really honestly feel that the worst part for me was the massive Night sweats, and the hot flashes. I would sweat so bad at night that I started just sleeping with a towel between me and the sheets. So that I didn’t have to wake my husband in the middle of the night to change the bed. I learned to layer clothing also, for the hot flashes, it can be the dead of winter and I will have a tank top under my other clothes just in case. Everyone else will be sitting around perfect and I would just break out in a sweat. Still happens a little bit but not near as severe as it was right after surgery. Oh and I chose NOT to take hormone replacement, which might have made the sweats worse I suppose. If you have ever had surgery before it is not any worse than any other surgery. Other than the after math, sweats and things. I hope that this helped a little. I wish I could be more precise. You can do it!!! Just remember that Always, Keep your friends and family close, and try to find something to laugh at every day. I laugh at myself alot…:slight_smile: My hair or lack there of is goofy!!! That in itself makes me laugh. I have an umbilical hernia, so my belly button sticks way out now, with a purpleish/ blueish color to it, and we laugh at that!!! Sometimes it almost looks like a teeny penis, and then if I don’t wear the padded bra it sticks out further than my boobies do. LOL But ya know what…?? Such is life…If it weren’t this I’d probably have a tooth ache. :slight_smile: I believe that you will go through your obstacles just fine. It may not feel like it, specially right now. But You can beat this. I beat it already once, and I am working on beating it again. When I started all this my ca125 (cancer blood marker) was 1428. They want it below 35. ha ha ha Yah right. But it happened!!! AND I had three years of NO chemo. There is an ovarian cancer newsletter that I get I think once a month. They always have a leaflet in the middle that lists Survivors and how long they have survived. Very cool. It is called Conversations. And you can find out how to get it if you want, I believe it is free, or email them at OVCANEWS@AOL.COM
I am thinking about you and wish you the bestest of luck…take care of You.