Can You Prevent LP Spreading


I have OLP but do not have LP anywhere other then my mouth. From what I’ve read many people have it in more then one place. Is there something I should do to ensure it does not “spread”? I was wondering if I should try tanning as a precaution. This hurts so much in my mouth that I just can’t imagine also having it anywhere else at the same time.


I am so sorry about your OLP… I can’t imagine how that must feel. I have
LP in the scalp, and have lost some hair, but it is just itchy, little bumps
that take a long time to go away. I think I had it other places… it has
been "after " me for about 3 years. I remember a huge rash on my back before
it was diagnosed. Maybe a visit to your dermatologist will help to find out
what to do to prevent any spread. Good luck!!


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