Causes of club foot

I had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago in which they determined they thought my baby boy had a right club foot. They said everything else looked good and I had a normal quad screen. I had a level II ultrasound today. They still couldn’t tell anything about the left foot and the right foot looked slightly clubed still. Everything else still looks good, but all the dr. was telling me was about all the chromasome problems he could have, saying that he could be mental retarded (brain looks fine right now) or could even have something fatal. I just need to know if I need to be preparing for the worst or if it is more likely that my 2 mostly perfect ultrasounds and normal quad screen more like are positive than negative. Any information would be beneficial.

My baby is 3 days old and both feet are club feet. Besides that he’s is a healthy and perfect baby. When my fiance was pregnant we went to a specialist and he never said anything about fatal problems or retardation. It has nothing to do with mental. I had it when I was a baby and I’m 31 yrs old now and have no problems or ever did after the correction. It is only a foot problem. I’m going to the specialist in 2 days to see what steps to take now that he’s born. I’ve heard surgery is not good but there’s casting and braces that is the best thing out right now

If everything else looks good on your ultrasound then just be thinking and preparing yourself for the treatment of the clubbed foot. Odds are that everything else will be just fine and that doctor is truly over reacting. The fix is a little hard for the baby to get used to because with the cast he won’t be able to move freely. The Denis Browne bar is the hardest to deal with because it is so frustrating for baby. Go to before he is born so you’re prepared with some leg warmers that make great cast cover so you don’t have to look at the depressing cast. Also, the leggings can prevent the cast from getting soiled -LIFESAVER-, they also keep the cast from scratching you up or him since he’ll only have one cast. Here is a coupon code for $12 off $24 or more that is good until July 30th 2007. Enter “BOGO” into where it asks for a coupon code and you will basically get 2 pairs of babyleg leg warmers for $12 plus $3 shipping. Great deal since the babylegs are $12 each for most. Trust me you will love these, they’ll become your best friend. Another thing is you’ll have to consider clothing, don’t by any footie pajamas lol.