Celiac and more

Hi I need some help figuring out what is physically wrong with me. I am very knowledgeable about food in this disease. I am also very sensitive to it. I am having much trouble figuring out what is happening to me now. I have strange symtoms like…complete fatigue, an endless low grade headache and sometimes numbness in my feet and hands when I wake up. I have abandonned western medicine on 3 seperate occasions. Honestly everything else only helps but does not eliminate the symptoms. I am feeling quite crazy as many doctors search and say nothing is wrong. My latest find after many tests is that I was completely vitamin D deficeint. I only found it strange because the doctor the test showed none, not low, but none. This is my only clue. I am so exasperated now, this is my last ditch attempt. I am always willing to answer questions for new celiacs as I have a big backround in food and am quite educated about the yeses and nos. Feel free to email and hopefully someone out there can give me the knowledge of what they have endured. Thank you. D

Monkey, I am sure you are well aware of the malabsorbtion problems we all face. I have to get regular iron infusions. Have you ever had your feritin (sp?) count done? I don’t mean your blood serum iron, this is a special test. I suggest you have it done. Also, and this is something I am following up on myself, you might want to check into food alergies (sp?). Sorry about the inept spelling, I am dyslexic. How long since your diagnosis? Well, those are the things I think I would check if I were in your situation. By the way, thanks for getting back to me about my bakery idea.

Thank you for your reply. I am dyslexic too. I really appreciate your input and although I am aware that I have malabsorption problems, I am not able to find a doctor that can help. The last GI doc I saw indicated that I have psychiatric problems. Can you imagine? I would like him to spend one week in my bathroom, and then maybe he would have problems too.lol I have gone to 50 different doctors and most tell me I dont have celiac. I dont understand why they fight me so hard. I live a gluten free diet now and if I ingest gluten I pass out into an unwakeable sleep exactley 2 hours after ingestion and the “sleep” lasts for 3 to 3 1/2 hours. I then have violent diahreah. And then I wake up feeling very hung over. So whether they think I have it or not I do not eat gluten. You can be the judge. lol Good luck in buisness. Write anytime. D

I have been experiencing the same numbness and light headed feeling. I was also waking up with a head ache and taking allergy medicine for years. When I got on the glutten free diet, which I know I eat a lot of things I am not supposed to but it is from ignorance of what really has glutten. My latest thing is joint pain, cramps and a rash on my arm. I am worried about getting the right nutrition. I did good for awhile but now am loosing weight and can’t seem to gain it back. Everything bothers my stomach and always has. I wish I could help but maybe someone that reads this can be of help. I am just glad I can join the forum and see if anyone else has the same problems so I won’t think something else is wrong with me.