Celiac Disease

I am interested in finding a current list of gluten free foods.

I actually found out almost two years ago and when I was referred to the dietician (at one of the Milwaukee hospitals) she (the dietician) told me she didn’t have any other Celiac patients and instead of giving me any good information, she gave me the email address of her friend whose sister had Celiac! To make a long story short, everything I know so far, I had to research myself. My physician here in Madison did a talk to med students last week and asked me to participate so I learned a lot there but would still love more written information - especially food lists, etc.

The Celiac Sprue Association (http://csaceliacs.org/) is a great resource and breaks down safe and “unsafe” foods very easily. I was diagnosed three years ago, and it was the first place I went and I really didn’t need too much else information after that.
Good luck!

hav u only recently become celiac?
cos i got a list of my dietrian to send of loads of stuff and i recieved a book of a company and that was great

I am anxious to see their site. Thank you so much!