CFS educational brochure available

I’ve finally gotten around to converting the CFS Myths PDF from AACFS into a brochure format. Next I need to work on a CFS Facts brochure, a companion to the “what it isn’t” telling what it is.

A friend with an invisible disability keeps a box of brochures in her car for those times she needs to do public education for those who attack her for parking in a handicapped space. You may find it useful to do the same.

Print out the PDF and ask a copy shop to make double-sided copies and run them through the folding machine.

Send me a private message with and I’ll send it to you.

Let me know if you would like me to send you a revised version with your group’s contact information on it. (Alternately, you can run the printout through your printer again and use your word processing program to put your contact info in a blank spot.)

yes, i would love one,

Could you send me one to me over private message?

I was sitting in a handicap spot just yesterday with my blue card hanging from my mirror and got a dirty look from a lady passing by. i hardly ever use it, for I rather walk for the exercise, but there are days I just can’t do it…like yesterday, and I was at my doctors office!

My fibromyalgia flared up and with herniated disks, I just couldnt do the extra walking. I was even trying not to cry, I hurt so much and I know she probably thought I was faking and you know what??? I actually felt guilty!

So Thank You!!


I know she probably thought I was faking and you know what??? I actually felt guilty!

Probably 15 years ago, my friend and I went Christmas shopping. Two pretty young women got out of the car, and we were verbally abused for borrowing Grandma’s car with the crip plates because we were too lazy to walk from the back of the parking lot.

May pulled out some of her lupus brochures and gave
the woman an earful; when May stopped for breath, I tag-teamed with a lecture on CFS (though I didn’t have any brochures; I never liked the ones that were available from the associations).

We suggested the accuser sit in yonder sidewalk cafe and get a cup of coffee. Then when we got out of the store, she could decide whether we were really faking.

We went into one store, and each went directly to the department we planned to shop in – none of this wandering the whole store sightseeing. When we came out, one of us was leaning heavily on the shopping cart for support and the other was limping badly. No question at that point that we were legitimately entitled to park in the crip spot.

It took the combined efforts of both of us to lift May’s bag with a few
shirts and sweaters up over the side of the cart into the trunk; it would stay there till her husband retrieved it. We knew we’d never get my bag out of the trunk, so it went in the car on my lap.

The store was a block and a half from my apartment; she had to drive me home because I couldn’t make it under my own power. Even then we had to sit in the car chatting for half an hour until I had it in me to walk the couple dozen feet from the car to the couch.

I am working on a second brochure, so you can hand out the matched set when you’re doing public education.


Oh my, Could you please also send a ‘revised’ version of the brochure. When I asked earlier for one, I did not see the revised will show our info.

Thank you!!


When I asked earlier for one, I did not see the revised will show our info.

You can ask me to do one for your group with your group’s contact info on the brochure where I currently have my own.


I rec’d your email about disabled parking - but am not aware of the entire topic.

I have fibro too, and have had people be very rude when I got out of a car - I do not LOOK disabled. I am interested in this dialog. Thank you.

When will these kinds of brochure available?