Checking-in post surgery on @teresa and @keke


Hey lady,

How are you feeling? I am asumming your surgery was getting the feeding tube, YES? Well I do hope you are feeling ok. I hope the surgery goes well and the tube helps. Thinking of you. Update when you can.


ps. My post-surgery shcedule goes like this~~ sleep-wake-walk around house-do ankle pumps-eat alittle-take pain meds-sleep LOL! I am doing ok.


thank god everything went okay. i'm sorry that your in such pain, and i will continue to pray for you. hang tough, we are right here supporting you all the way.




I hope you are doing good. I told you this would be a breeze… I hope this helps you!!
Good luck with the feeding tube, Mine was HELL! I had mine inserted July 16,2008 and had it replaced on august 21 and then the 23 of august it fell out… The whole month from July to August my tube was infected and it wasn’t so much my pancreas was hurting in pain, It was more my incision because it bubbled up and was infected and had puss coming out. I was supposed to have mine till October and after it fell out they said forget it… just wait till your transplant!(which i am having December 11th) I hope you have a better time with it than i did… Who is doing yours by the way?



I don’t know if I mentioned this in a post before but Dr. Sutherland has trained 90% of the surgeons who do the transplant procedure. I know you were really pleased with your first meeting with him but I just thought I would say again that saying he is the best doctor doesn’t seem right bc there are a few others that are good with the procedure. Sutherland is the MODEL doctor for the transplant procedure.

Take care of yourself(all). Keke, don’t forget the water. It is good that you are moving around a bit. That gas pain is the worst! Mine didn’t really go away until 3-4 days after from my marathon ERCP (it was over 2 hours).

And those of you on feeding tubes…I can’t even imagine. You all are champs! And, because if all that you have gone through and what the doctors have learned along the way- it will help people like me. Hopefully the docs will be able to prevent chronic pancreatitis in me!!

In case you can’t tell, I am feeling great today. Back to work on Monday for 3 days before going to Omaha to get my stents out.

Watch out world!!!



You have summed up so much for the rest of us. Thank you!
You go,girl!

Keke, hang in there. You are doing great!
Blessings and love to all-

Painful day for me…



OMG what a pain, literally. I never expected the tube to hurt so much. My doc says it is because I am in fairly good shape with good muscle tone and he had to cut through the abdomen muscles to place the tube. It actually feels like someone stabbed me with a knife. I slept all day yesterday and had a tremendous amount of pain but this morning is not so bad. The dietician put me on Jevity 1.2 3 cans per day. I can either bolus or use a pump. Last night I just could not get enough energy to use the pump so I bolused this morning. Because my stomach is so small, I can only take 1/2 a can at a time. The only good thing is I am on my way back to a healthy weight (I was at 102 when I was admitted on Friday) and good nutritional status. Thanks to all for the prayers and thoughts.



Teresa ,

Sending love and prayers. You’re doing great!

Love to you,


Thanks so much! Ditto! Jackie