Children with CD

I have a daughter who was diagnosed with CD. I would love to chat with other moms and dads of CD children.

Yah, we were tested. My husband has it. We always thought he was lactose intolerant. Little did we know! And my son has no trace of it.

But Abby will be 2 next month. She was diagnosed at 15 months old.

Where was the ROCK meeting. i know abby might be a little young but I would love some more info.

A’smom- The meeting I took Annalie to was in Manchester NH, but ROCK is national. Go ahead and look them up on the net. Abby is not too young. At this particular meeting the kids ranged in age from 2weeks to teenage. It is a good experience for more than one reason. First, for the parents (especially those of the newly diagnosed), there are resources provided and real people to ask questions of. Second, these meetings are usually pot-luck. It was quite an experience to tell Annalie that she could eat ANYTHING, with no need to ask me if it was OK.

I looked them up… Thanks for the info. And what a great experience to tell your daughter she could eat ANYTHING!!!

I will definetly be going to one of those meetings!!!

Thanks again,