Chronic cough

At 4 weeks old my daughter was diagnosed with failure to thrive due to aspiration so a g-tube(feeding tube) was surgically placed in her stomach. They also did a wrap of her stomach to tighten her esophagus to
prevent her from refluxing and aspirating. We were told to give her nothing by mouth. Now she is 5 months old and was recently diagnosed with the 22q11 deletion. The main problem we have had with her is retching episodes and she has had a chronic cough since she was 2 and a half months old that not even the Mayo Clinic in Rochester can explain. Cough due to reflux has been ruled out and i am just wondering if anyone knows anything about 22q11 and the chronic cough condition??? It really seems as though her retching/vomiting is being caused by her cough if we could get this cough figured out she would be so much more comfortable in dealing with this syndrome. Please help if u can! God Bless