Chronic eczema

I have used topical steriods for so long that it has caused side effects. Does anyone have suggestions on how to treat this without using steriods? I have used Protopic (tacrolemous .03%) and have had limited results.

Hope everyone else is coping with this well.

What are the side effects you are experiencing? A little more detail might help us here provide some advice.

It’s not a one or the other matter either. If you use steroids for three days out of the week and Protopic on the others, it might give your skin enough of a break that your side effects subside and control the eczema.

My doctor is also big on UV light therapy. I have tried it, and I find too time-consuming and high-maintenance (you need to go to the Dr’s office several times a week for 15 minutes for light treatment). Might be worth considering.

Hi Henry, Thanks for your advice. Skin thinning and bone problems (ON) are the side effects I’ve experienced. I have tried UVA and UVB light treatments and they helped a litlle but as you say, not convenient and not a long term solution. Protopic only seems to work on my face. Everywhere else it just seems to make me itch more.