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48 year old wife, mother of 4. Self employed with 12 year old business. Looking to chat and share.

i have just been diagagnosed with fibromyalgia anddepression would just like someone who iss uffering from same thing to be able to tell me how to cope with it

I love all animals, and I have all the wild birds coming to my garden for their feed.
I have a grandson who is now 3 years old he is beautiful.

I have been living with depression my whole life. Within the last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar and I am looking for others who have Bipolar to discuss and share experiences.

I am deeply depressed…

I suffer from severe Endometriosis, Infertility with concommittant ME/CFS/FMS. I would like to hear from people similary affected to learn & share coping strategies

I had a bad fall about 10 years ago, right after major surgery
and have had chronic pain, fibro, cfs, extreme anxiety ever since. On many meds. would like to know how other people cope.

Thanks, kiwi

I am on a journey, and today it brings me by you. Shadows follow us like a good friend, never failing to be by our side when we are in the dark and in need of light.

I have a wonderful caring husband of 18yrs and 3 beautiful children.

I am a mother of two children. A 4 year old daughter Named Kaylee and a 1 year old son Joshua.

interested in cfs, fibromyalgia & depression because I suffer from them and want to now how to better cope with the conditions daily

I have been dealing with chronic fatigue for 20 years . . .

I am a 49 year old female, first diagnosed in June 2004. I want to talk with others that are living with UC.

i have been dealing with this for 15 years and now it is starting to take over my life someone have an idea of how i can keep going because i cannot take much more

hi, I was 25 yrs old, a single mother of two and a student, when I first got CFS/ME extremely severely, thou for some time before that happened, I just keep being diagnosed with “its just a virus”. I ended up being bedridden for 9 mths or so, 10 yrs ago and ended up having to give up my studies, I was too sick to do anything.

Over many years I made a very slow recovery (about 5-10% per year)… until I was basically fully well again. (I could work full time and even did a marathon!!!).

Im 35 yrs now and once again, for the past year, after two relapses which were brought on by severe stress, the CFS is back quite bad (the stress I was under at the time is gone, but now Ive just been left with this again), thou no where near as severe as what I was in the past. Im no longer able to work full time and my base level of being able to be on my feet is only about 2-3 hrs per day at the moment. I think I will soon be put onto disability.

Ive recovered from this before and hence are determined to do it again thou I realize it will take me years again. I know thou if I can avoid all my CFS/ME triggers (my worst one is any stress at all, that crashes me so quick), I can very slowly recover from this.

To the present Ive had 67 different symptoms with the CFS/ME. With every symptom I’d had with this, Ive tried to find a way to deal with it or avoid it and in doing so, some symptoms Ive never had a problem with since.

I hope to share the things which have helped me to recover before and Ive found have helped my symptoms and hopefully learn some new things which will help me too from others.

I have had Lyme disease for 17 years and I am free and clear.
The last five years have really been hard. I tried to go to conventional rehab and was laid flat for 2 1/2 days. No can do. I’m independent and must take care of myself. It was the only reason I bought a computer. So the rehab doctor didn’t really give me an intake. I’ll talk to him after Christmas and let him know. Meanwhile I have been searching for a list of symptoms of chronic fatigue as the physician said you probably have both chronic fatigue and fibromayglia. I’m serching for answers to help me heal. Anything will be welcome

fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I would like to learn coping stratagies, exercise advice, and what meds work for others like me. How do others handlel family responsibilities and what challenges they face.

Diagnosed in 1988 – disabled since 2000

Ihave had this condition for 19 years.