Chronic fatique syndrome

I think I have this CFS and I’m worried that it wont go away. Lately going to work is so very hard and I think I’m going to quite this job, although I’ll need to find another one thats less stressfull. I’m a nurse go figure . I have lots of stressers in my life and I feel so overwhelmed all the time. If anyone has any advice about this subject please fill me in. CL

Hi sick and tired. I’m new to this community, but not to CFS. I’d go to a doctor as soon as you can. There are many treatable causes of fatique/depression and every one of them should be checked for before a CSF diagnosis is given. CFS is still somewhat a diagnosis of exclusion, especially in the early phase.

I had a huge work-up in '95/ '96 and they found a low B12, which can cause it’s own similiar harm. It was the last thing they tested after nine months, and I take B12 shots each month. There may be other aspects of your general health that can be optimized, so keep an open mind.

In the meantime, you recognize yourself as sick, and I think you should treat yourself as sick. I mean you should do all the things you yourself would advise a sick person to do.
Eat the healthiest diet you can, with fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding refined sugar and carbohydrates. Protect your down time–save your energy, and rest more–by bowing out of volunteer activites you don’t really enjoy, and delegating as many chores as you can. Get to bed on time like your life depended on it.

These are little things everybody ought to do to take care of themselves, but women especially tend to give more care to others than themselves.

I used to feel guilty when someone offered to help me with a job I felt I should be able to do myself. Not any more! I’ve gotten so good at asking and accepting help! The funny thing is, nobody minds. At Kroger, I always ask the bagger if he can help me to car. Clothes shopping, I always ask a sales person to put items in a dressing room, and check on me, and go get other sizes if I need to. I have two sons, and now I never unload the dishwasher or take out the garbage, or do a host of other little chores that they happily do when requested. I do have to ask each time, since they don’t think (teenagers!) but I’ve learned that asking is easier than I thought.

Nursing is very stressful, since at work you are the go to person for everyone else’s request for help. There are never enough staff to get the job done, so each nurse can try to give 110%. It sounds to me like you must stop that, on the theory that one musn’t work a good horse to death. You know the top priorities of your job, and the niceities. Try to allow yourself to acomplish priorities only. Niceities are extra, and ‘nice’ if you have the time and energy–but if you don’t really, well, you just don’t. That’s okay.
Number one on this list of things to stop would be listening to doctors(or anybody else) complain about the system–that’s a soul sucking blackhole. Simply say ‘I don’t have the power to change it, and I don’t have the time to talk about it right now. Let’s just get this (fill in the blank) done.’ Take it from me, that will work on most, especially if you appear calm, and look them straight in the eye. You’re nobody’s therapist, and chit chat is another niceity that you only do if you really want to. It’s okay, and over time everyone will learn you are all business so drama will fade from your day.

This is a long answer, and I’m guessing a lot, perhaps giving more advice than is appropriate. I feel for you, though.

Are you using a CPAP machine at night? My BI-L had one and he just raved about it. Insurance ought to cover that. Also, you should have had an overnight monitored sleep study to carry that diagnosis.