Clomid works! I am pregnant!

hello everyone. i just wanted to write and let you all know that after a long time trying and 5 mns on clomid I AM PREGNANT… My HCG was 515 on 3/27 it is supposed to double in 48 hours. On 3/29 my HCG was over 1300. YAY. I am so excited. I am considered medium to high risk because of my past ectopic pregnancy, so I have to have my HCG done every week. I can live with that though. I am finally pregnant.

Hey Lorrie i’m so glad that you are pregnant. I’m waiting to see if I get my period and if I do then I’ll be starting my fourth round of clomid. I’ve been very down lately and this has really helped me your good news is helping me to keep my hope alive. Congratulations. I’ll be praying that the HCG levels stay up.