Club feet

any advise on club feet …my baby is 3 days old…and I’m worried he won’t have healthy feet

Hi Lance,
My name is Susan I am 49 yrs old I have two sons both born with club feet, My oldest son Jerry is 31 yrs old today he had the worse case of club feet the bottom of his feet wre faceing his face and he was born with very little calf muscle. I took him to an orthopeditic when he was 1 wk old who said he would never walk. I left his office and found another doctor. He casted Jerry at two weks old and this continued until he was 9mts old. At nine months he had his first surgery to lengthen his tendens in the bxk of his legs above his heels but below his calf. My son walked at 11mts with casts on his feet. I even took him back to the first doctor and showed him my son walking and also stated to him that he was not God and he should be careful what he tells parents. Anyways my son Jerry was in casts for the first two years of his life then he had to wear shoes with a bar for a year then corrective shoes until he was five. He had one more surgery at age 7yrs old and they went in and brole all the bones in the top of his feet below his toes and this strightened his toes. He was in long leg casts for about 8weeks. Jerry is a healthy smart young man today and had no other problems. He still does not have a large calf muscle like we do but it has not effected how he walks or runs or lives his life. He also has two children one boy and one girl and they do not have any club feet. My second son Josh ws also born with club feet his were not as severe and he was casted from two weeks old until 6 mts and never had to have surgery. He walked at 9mts also he is healthy smart and he also has a son who has no club feet. I was born with club feet only my one foot was turned out not in and I had to have a cast for six months. I am the only one of six children in my family who had club feet. I am not sure what cause’s this but the doctor that took care of my two sons told me it had to do with the size of my womb and that I did not have alot of room for my children when they were in the womb. I beleive this to be true because jerry weighted more then Josh and Jerry was longer then Josh. Also I was the largest baby in my family. Hope this information helps you and I promise you if you find a good doctor who deals with club feet you son will be just fine.



My Grandson is due to have the metatarsal surgery this summer. He is 6. How
well did your son do after the surgery he had at 7? We didnot have to have
the tendon surgery but he also has small calf muscles. I was told that was
part of the deformity. He still runs and plays but is very intoed.
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Hi CallieA, My son did really well after the surgery. He is not toed in at all since the last surgery that fixed his toes and upper part ofhis feet pretty much the last thing they did t him. As I said in my letter he is now 31 yrs old and except fotr the small caf you can not tell what he went through as a young child. I have heard of other people saying that later in life they hve had severe pain in there legs but Jerry has not experienced this as of yet. However when he was small maybe from 4 to 8 he use to cry at night with pain in his legs. The doctor said it was growing pains. Hope this helps and good luck to you and your grandson. you will be happy with the results of the surgery. Blessings, Susan