Coelic disease

hi, i was diagnosed with coelic disease approx. 18 months ago, and i would welcome any advice from anyone suffering from this condition, and would greatly appreciate any different food products, look forward to hearing from you, kind regards, sharon.

Sharon, Hang in there. One of my favorite brands is Ener-G. The white breads they make are, for the most part, terrible, but they have two breads that I like: The high fiber loaf and the harvest loaf. Like most other gluten free breads, they are best when toasted. I also enjoy Tynkayada (sp?) pastas over any other I have tried. Try using Braggs Liquid Aminos for flavouring. Arrowhead mills makes a good pancake/baking mix. Ener-G also makes one of the best crackers I’ve had, close to a saltine as you can get. Van’s makes a decent toaster tyoe waffle. Anything else? I’d be happy to share, I’ve been on the diet over three years now. Just let me know. Peace.

hi, thanks for your message and i have written down all the products you gave me and i will experiment once i have bought them, thanks once again, kind regards, sharon