Considering a foster child with DiGeorge, questions

Hi everyone, I came across this site while researching info about DiGeorge. We are recently approved foster parents. We weren’t planning on taking special needs children at first but now we are considering it. There is a little girl with DiGeorge that needs a foster home that could lead to a permant adoption. I’ve read up on it online but would like to “talk” with people who have experienced this in their own lives instead of just reading clinical stuff.

She is 2 going on 3. It’s my understanding her physical issues have been treated and she is doing well (heart surgery as an infant). She is behind some developmentally (especially speech) but some of that is due to the medical neglect from the parents (not getting her the help she needed). Since getting therapy I’m told she is making progress.

I realize there are probably varying degrees of this syndrome from one extreme to another. But I would love to hear about what kind of mental disabilities you all deal with or expect to deal with long term. We homeschool our five children and don’t want to take on more than we can handle. But ever since she was “offered” to us we can’t get her out of our mind. We don’t want to make this decision lightly and would appreciate any insights you could offer. We get to meet her on Thursday.



Our son Caden was diagnosed with DiGeorge just before his birth in November 2004. He is about the same age as the little girl you are referring to.  He ahs been through multiple surgeries (heart and GI) and is about to have another for speech and swallowing related issues. My wife is what I call and honor graduate of the Foster Care system who was adopted by her Foster Parents. She is a public school teacher turned homeschool mom.  We currently have two boys and are expecting number three in August. We love to talk to and encourage parents of children with DiGeorge. Our experiences have been very difficult at times but rewarding beyond imagination.

You can read about Caden and our family on a blog that I started the day Caden was born.  There are hundreds of blog posts, pictures,  and some videos.  Please feel free to email my wife and I at if you would like to set up a time to talk via phone.  My wife has done this on many occassions and genuinely enjoys talking with and encoraging parents who are caring for children with DiGeorge/VFCS/22q11.2.

You can find Caden's Page at: 


For anyone living in Utah. We have a support group for 22nd chromosome syndromes. It’s very broad as of right now nut we would like to be a resource to families. Please feel free to pass this information along. To contact us send an e-mail to .