Constant horrible pain


Does the pain ever let up–I feel like I am sleeping my life away!


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Does the pain ever let up–I feel like I am sleeping my life away!

Yes, it does let up eventually…when we find the exact pain meds and
meds and routines that work for us as individuals…

I own my own very small home and HAD to retire from Medicine and it has
taken me at least a decade to get it just right for myself…
I take many herbs also…
I semi-try to exercise some each day…
I have heating pads and massaging tools and cooling pads also…

My heart goes out to those with small children, no home of their own anad seem
to have to work and they have no time to give to their pains but the pains
are there and will wear you down…

Hope I do not sound like the voice of Doom…I do not mean it that way at
Just sharing…:-))

Peace to ALL…Dawn

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The pain does get better. Last fall i was in soooooo much pain, it felt like someone was taking a 2 by 4 and slamming it against my lower back.
My arms , legs, back and shoulders were all hurting but the lower back was the worst. The medications and the heating pad worked for me. I still get pain but it isn’t as intense as it was last fall. I did alot of sleeping and was just plain exausted. I would go from the bed to the sofa. We have a bi-level
and just those few steps wore me out. Hope you feel better.

Stephanie Vinson