Constipation and a-acc

Hi guys, we recently found out at age 5 /12 months that my daughter Brianna has complete agenesis of the corpus callosum she is now 9 months old, and we are learning a lot about everything going on with her. She suffers of developmental delay shes at a 4-6 month developmental level. She has acid reflux problems, obstructive and central apnea, ALTE episodes, G-Tube, Asplagia (sp?) aspirates into lungs, and CONSTIPATION… she is on reglen and zantac to help empty her stomach faster and help her go. For the first 2 months on this medication she did great she would have a bowel movement on a daily basis and it was regular, but now it doesnt seem to be working very well. She started having constipation again, really way to hard for her, to the point that she gets a small hemroid and may bleed a little. She didn’t have a bowel movement for 3 days so I used a glecerin supository and that made her go that day but she struggles so much, it really hurts my baby to go to the bathroom and since she has her feeding tube it scares me that she struggles so much and pushes so hard… she turns purple in the face trying to go potty. Any advise as in what works for cosnstipation? Something I can use more than a week? Do you guys know if glecerin is okay to use more than a week? Her constipation concerns me primarly because she had surgery at 5 1/2 months for her intestines they where twisted and backwards (intestine mal-rotation) anyone relate to something similar? Any help is much much appreciated… thanks.
Araceli- Brianna’s mommy

My son is six and we use Maralox on a daily basis. I mix it with his applesauce each morning and he poops like clock work after dinner each night. We have had constipation problems too, but his digestive system is “normal” and he has never been on a feeding tube. Also, I don’t know what age the Maralox is avalible to. We just give 1/3 of the adult dose. Also, as far as I know, it is okay to use the Maralox daily for months. You can buy it over the counter but I would check with your doctor to see if he recomends it.

Thanks for the reply Crystal.
I will ask her gastroenterology doctor about Maralox.
Anything to take this pain away from poor little baby.

I read that many if not all of our people with ACC and P-ACC have GI problems and that also causes many of their behaviors. If you go to and search for acidophilus, you will find a liquid type for about $4 a bottle…I give Jesse (he is 9 and about 70 pounds) 2-3 tsps. daily in his water. It is tasty and he actually asks for it now. Acidophilus helps a LOT of GI problems. You can look it up and read about it on that site too.

Thanks, not sure if its okay for a 9 month old but I will look into it…

I’m not sure how much of this will help and I’m not sure I’ll remember everything we did. We dealt with the constipation for so long, and it’s still not always easy and he’ll be three next month. My son didn’t have reflux or other digestive symptoms or a feeding tube, but he did have awful constipation which we assumed was because of his overall low muscle tone.

We used acidophilus/probiotics as well. Many probiotics are grown on dairy, so if she has dairy issues you will want to watch out for that.