I have an appointment in a week to be assessed for a Copaxone or a Copaxone/avonox trail. The Copaxone trial consists of taking either 20mg or 40mg of Copaxone, I won’t know which one. The Copaxone/Avonex trail consists of taking Copaxone and Avonex together, or Copaxone and a placebo or Avonex and a placebo. I won’t know which one I will get either. The first appointment is 4 hours. With the trial my meds, MRIs and travel are paid for. It just means a lot more Doctor’s visits.

My MS Doctor called and told me I am not eligiable for the studies. I am not sick enough (not enough symptoms and execerbations). I will be going in this next Mon-Tues to learn to take the shots and I will be given straight on Copaxone.

Started Copaxone today. $2,100.00 dollars a month from the local pharmacy, approx $670.00 mail in meds. All I can say is OUCH!

I am on Avenox and it cost $4900.00 for a 3 month supply thank GOD for medical insurance I pay $80.oo for a 3 month supply. I am thinking about changing to copaxone because I cant deal with the side effects of Avonex anymore.