Cure on Eczema

i have had this deases for the past 6 years have try lot of things with the help of doctors but cant still get a complete cure for it. what can i use on my eczema?

i will appreciate if you can refer me to a cure.


dear itlove,

my daughter has eczema. i had to figure out alot of things on my own. since everyone is different, i dont know if these will help you and perhaps you have even tried them:

the biggest one was to wash all items in scent and dye free detergent including towels, bed linens and other family members clothes.

no dryer sheets. no cologne or perfume on anyone in the house. not itchy fabrics like wool in any clothing items or blankets or coats, for everyone.

very short baths. wash gently and quickly with cetaphil soap. moisturize immediately after with unscented and creme like lotions.

i also bought a chlorine ball that hangs over the tub and filters out chlorine from the water supply. i can tell you where to buy it, if you want to know. i have seen similar things for showerheads.

wash hair separately from the bath or shower. the hair products just drip on your body when you rinse your hair. even after soap and rinse my daughters skin was irritated.

i noticed that citrus products like oranges, orange juice and lemonade seem to aggravate the itching.

if i think of anything else, i will let you know. as far as a cure goes, i dont think there is one out there.

good luck to you.

maya’s mom

thanks so much Maya’s mom i really appreciate.
am going to give it a try.
mayasmom wrote:

Hi… just wanted to say that when I eat oranges or arange juice i notice that I itch more as well… I had thought it was just my imagination but after reading your post it has raised my suspicions more! Thanks ;o)

I think that stress is certainly a factor as well with my condition and certainly as a working mum with 4 children I dont really get much rest, but when I do it seems to help!


where can you get a chlorine filter for the shower? Chlorine is a major irritant for me, makes taking a daily shower a chore, or doing anything with water in my house.

I have had eczema my whole life and I have not been to one doctor yet that has anything more than suggestions. I was told to apply oil after a shower to help with keeping my skin from drying out too much, Robathol works real well. This suggestion does help, I substitute other natural oils as well (soybean, cottonseed, almond, even olive oil occasionally(this is sticky until it is absorbed, so its a summer thing when I can wear shorts))
I have found that dandruf shampoo works to help alleviate the itching too, use it like body wash. And switching shampoos every few days.