I need to know if anyone that is reading this question has, themselves, been cured of their lymes disease.


Yes, I have been, for all practical purposes, ‘cured’ of my Lyme Disease (please note that it’s “Lyme Disease” and not "Lymes Disease - most Lyme patients get upset when someone calls it “Lymes Disease” because all of the idiot doctors that don’t know anything at ALL about Lyme Disease, call it “Lymes”).

Anyway, I am working full time and enjoying life again. My doctor says that I will probably never be completely rid of some of the “damage” that was done by the disease (like the cerebral white matter lesions) and that I may have a reoccurance if I get really tired or really stressed for any significant length of time, but, YES, I’m “cured”.

It took 2 years of intense treatment, and I was diagnosed fairly early (after only about 2-3 years of gradually increasing symptoms) so that may have had something to do with it. I was diagnosed fairly quickly and got appropriate treatment.

Best to You and I’ll look forward to hearing how you’re doing.