Cushing's Syndrome

How were you treated for Cushing’s Syndrome?

Me personally had just been taken off all steroidal meds, not even hydrocortizone cream. Increased my vit. supplements. My swelling has gone down lots, but still there. I see a specialist at Mayo clinic next Monday.

I had two transsphenoidals in 2005, not an easy recuperation but was able to do it without any medication. Right now I’m back to my old self except for knee pain.

I had transphenoidal surgery in December. They removed the left 1/2 of my pit gland, but couldn’t find a tumor. In March, my docs decided I should have a bilateral adrenalectomy instead of removing the rest of my pituitary. I’m not on replacement hormones and will be for the rest of my life. We’re hoping I regain pit function since they still can’t spot a tumor.