I have cushings and I just recently stopped getting a period. It has been two months and I am not pregnant.

Not having a period is a symptom of Cushing’s. Mine didn’t come back until after surgery.

I also lost my menstrual cycle because of Cushing’s Disease. I had a failed Transphenoidal surgery and a bilateral adrenalectomy 3 months ago and they have not returned. I am only 24 years old, much too young for menapause.

I also have lost my period. It has been 6 months. I suddenly gained weight and I look and feel pregnant. The worst thing is anxiety and now my ankles are swollen. My skin is burning as well. Just had my MRI. I am miserable. I keep having to do 24 hour urine exams and what seem to be the same blood work. Does this sound familiar? If it is my pituatary gland, when will I have surgery? What can I do about the headaches and other issues? Any help would be appreciated.

Well, consistently high cortisol levels will be the best indicator that you have Cushing’s, then you have to determine whether its Cushing’s Disease (a pit tumor), or Cushing’s syndrome (an ectopic tumor or a reaction to prolonged steroid use).

Just b/c the MRI doesn’t show a tumor, doesn’t mean that your pit isn’t the problem either. They should start testing your ACTH levels. If this is consistently high, the pituitary gland is the problem. Hope this helps, I know its kind of vague, but its where most endos usually start.

Has anybody heard any relation between taking Boniva and hair loss? or maybe its me being paranoic…


Hello, I received your reply re; ACHT level. What is that? I should have the results from the MRI by Monday. I just really need to know what is wrong with me. Thanks for answering.


I do not check my email often. Acth must be a hormone that controls blood pressure and heart rate.

No, ACTH is a hormone that your pit gland produces. If there is a tumor in or on your pit, it can mimic that process and produce excessive amounts of ACTH, which signals your adrenals to produce excessive amounts of cortisol. This causes hypercortisolism, or Cushing’s.

In a normal person (one without Cushing’s) ACTH is produced by the pituitary. ACTH is what sends the correct message to the adrenal glands in order for them to produce the correct amount of cortisol.

ACTH can be produced in excess by tumors in someone who has Cushing’s disease. Therefore, causing the adrenal glands to over produce cortisol.

My period is gone also. I haven’t had one in probably 3 months, but for over a year I’ve probably only gotten mine or even a slight indication of one probably 3 times. And when I do get some sort of bleeding it is only a drop or two. So your not alone. And as for looking/feeling pregnant I can relate. I’ve never been pregnant but I hear that it feels sorta like this. And I’ve had so many pregnancy tests it’s not even funny. I’d rather be pregnant than have to deal with this and I don’t wanna have kids.