Cymbalta and terrible aftertaste?

I want to thank everyone who took the time to welcome me to the group.I appreciate the caring and offer of friendship.

My question is…i have been on cymbalta now for 5 weeks it leaves an awful taste in my mouth that doesn’t go away!

Does anyone else take this and does it do this to you? I have been brushing my teeth 10 times a day and rinsing with mouth wash but it comes right back.

Hey, you smart ones! I’m going to be switching meds from Celexa to something else. Do you guys know which ADs have less of the dry mouth thing, because that side effect is intolerable to me. Thanks for any thoughts you might have for me.

I haven’t heard of that as a side effect-- i went to a couple of med sites, and it wasn’t mentioned. But almost all the antidepressants cause dry mouth, and that can leave a bad taste.

So, try drinking a lot of water – i try to get 6-8 cups a day. It helps. Somedays i don’t drink enough water. Wheh i wake up the next day my mouth and throat are so dry – it’s even hard for me to swallow until i gulp some water. I can practically down a 12-ounce bottle in one chug-a-lug.

hope that helps. If not, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the “bad taste.” that’s what they’re there for!

Welcome, HON! I have been taking Cymbalta for quite awhile now @ 60mg./day and have never experienced that “bad taste” you are talking about. Dry mouth, yes. Ask your doctor, please, because I don’t understand what that could be unless it is a “possible” side effect that I do not know about.

well i never had it before starting the cymbalta but i do take 8 other medications so maybe its a combination of it and one of them,but i will ask my doctor at my next visit thank you all for your information.Have a great day!!! Lisa

Good Morning DarkAngel~ Still On The C-Saw is a great researcher so I am sure she is on the money for the facts! She bein my ‘Sistah’ and all~ But I too, take cymbalta, as well a many other meds. I have a metallic taste in my mouth that makes most things I attempt to eat very unpleasant. I don’t have a taste in my mouth of metal, it’s only when I put food in. Perhaps it’s a combination of meds that causes this… Does it impact the taste of food for you?? Wishing you luck<3

I would suggest you get on and put in all your meds and click on interactions see if any of the combinations will leave the taste in your mouth I think thats the name of the site message me if its not

If you go back to Dec 2006 there is some good information on side effects of Cymbalta. I’m not sure what page it would be on. For me it is 167.

Yes that was the right site thank you very much for the info.


DRY MOUTH: I had a problem with meds causing dry mouth. My dentist recommended Biotene Mouthwash anb Biotene toothpaste. (no alcohol).There is even a chewing gum to moisten mouth.Since using these products my gums have stopped bleeding and I have no problem with dry mouth. Most meds cause dryness. Most drug stores carry these products. If not they can order them for you. No rx required.

I tried them already; they didn’t work for me.

I get it afterwards too! I’ve tried to find out other medications that could affect it but I havent found one yet🤷🏽‍♀️