Cystic Fibrosis

I just have a little girl that has C.F. And i wanted to hear from older people that have it to see how they are doing and if we can get together to build awareness and collect funds for a better tomorrow.

I am 30 years old and do fairly well. My lung functions are still good, but I get sick often and go in the hospital frequently. I have CF related diabetes and I am on an insulin pump. I recently retired and went on disability because i was missing so much work, I made more with my disability than working. I am happily married to a wonderful man who helps with everything. I retired from drawing blood and went back to school full time by the way. I am working toward a degree either in nursing or bachelors in radiology…still debating on that. If you want to know anything, feel free to ask me.


Hi thanks for getting back to me, I don’t know if you will receive this
message I just signed up today to the careplace site so hopefully you
can add me to your contacts. That’s good that you are doing well.

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Lizz, My name is Sarah and I am a 31 yr old cystic. How old is your daughter? I have 2 children that keep me motivated and going everyday. My biggest advice to you would be very diligent about therapy. My parents were not and when I moved out on my own those habits were not instilled in me. Every cf’er has to make those choices for themselves at some point but I do wish the habit had already been there for me. I do all my treatments religiously now but it took a large dive in health to get me to do it. I would be happy to answer ANY questions you might have, or fears. Take care. Spoil her. Hope to hear from you.


My little one is 6 yrs old, I take very good care of her. She has only
been admitted in the hospital twice. The first time when she was 3 mths
old that she got diagnosed no one knew what she had her lung got
collapsed it was hard but she is my little miracle and the 2nd time now
in February cause of a cold. What area do you live by? Get back to me at do you have myspace I have pictures in there of me
and them. Can you go to under news & events the 2nd one down
all you have to do is vote. Burger king is giving away $50,000.00 to the
charity with the highest votes, I go in there once a day and vote spread
the word please you click on there then it takes you to another screen
and then go to the one that says campaign your cause and choose the one
that says New Orleans and then all it ask is for your date or birth no
other personal info. Then just choose the one that says CF and then
click on VOTE you can do it once a day… hope we make it to the top :slight_smile:

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