Dad Diagnosed with ALL

My dad was diagnosed with ALL in late November of last year (2007).
He was 48 at his diagnosis. Since then we have had our good days and bad, (expected). He was put on the Hyper CVAD treatment. The first half of treatment he got through without any problems. However, the next round
(Ara-c & Methotrexate) , seemed to have made him sick. He started to have stroke like symptoms, dropping face, etc. He ended up having MRSA and cellulitis in his leg.Well…we got through that. However, since then, his time out of the hospital in between treatments is shortening. The bone marrow biopsies havent offered much hope. The first one after the 1st chemo came back with 15% blasts. And his WBCs are insanely growing after about a week or two out of the hospital.
So this time around, they gave him the CVAD part…And now he just finished the second half. Except this time they gave him Ara-C and Clofarabine instead of methotrexate. He is actually finishing that today. BUT, he lost vision in his right eye…Has anyone had neuro issues with these two drugs?
Since mid January, we have been getting him into the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, however because of insurance issues and lack of attention from his oncologists office, that fell through. So a month wasted basically.
Now he is set up to go to UMC Cancer Center in Arizona (Tuscon) to get set up for BMT. He is in Vegas, so this is the closest place for him.
Anyone with experience here?
I guess what I am looking for is someone who is experiencing or experienced Adult ALL. The Chemo, the ups and the downs, and also those who have undergone BMT.
He has 5 brothers and sisters, so we are hoping for a match there. I am an only child and do not know if they would even test me.?
Anyways, that is my story. I am a 25 yr old nurse, however, I find that true stories and survivor experiences are much more informative and truthful than textbook jargon.
Thank you everyone and best wishes to you and your families!

Megan -
Hang in there! My husband was diagnosed with ALL in April of 2006. We have
had ups and downs, but he is doing well now. Still, we take it a month at a
time. My son told me early on to pace myself…he said, “Mom, this is a
marathon… not a sprint.” Well said! You must pace yourself.

Explore all of the options and read. If I can be of help, just ask.

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Hi there,
I was diagnosed with ALL (and Philadelphia Chromosome) in Sept 2005. I went
through chemo that I didn’t tolerate much as well as full body radiation,
but kept on fighting with the support of Family, Friends and the Good Lord
above. I had a BMT on Dec 23, 2005 by an unrelated donor who I now am lucky to
know and hopefully will get to meet later this year.
I am doing better, but still not working – might never be able to but I am
doing volunteer work around the community. I also goto a support group once
per month and that is very helpful.
I am married but separated so my caregivers are my Mom and brother Michael
(since my father passed away last April).
If there is any way I can help you, or anyone else out there just email me
( ( ). and you can look at my
Blog. It tells of the ups and downs I’ve gone through.

Take care and Stay Strong


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