Daily Woes of FMS

I had to go to a wedding where my daughter’s best friend was getting married and my daughter was the maid of honor----the parents are sorta friends of ours too. Our daughters have been friends since 5th grade, so about 12 years—long time. They’re both only children so they have a lot in common. We’ve taken her on many vacations and they take her on vacations, so everyone’s pretty close, so Saturday was an emotional day. I spent most of the day getting ready because I’m always late to everything, but I was early this time-yea.

The ceremony was outdoors, luckily it was a fairly short ceremony because if you know Arizona at this time, you know that was misery, so I was already sore and painful when I woke up the next morning and had to get my daughter ready to move to LA—that was even more difficult. Of course, she wasn’t near ready because the wedding had eaten up most of her time and she tends to be a procrastiner====drives me crazy, but she finally got ready to go about 2 hours later than planned…so it’s been an emotional weekend and exhausting. Luckily, with the anti-depressants I’m on, I was able to control my emotions—I didn’t cry at the wedding or when she left, but my husband cried at both, which is totally out of character (well at least or the wedding), so it’s been a long, difficult weekend that I think even a healthy person would stuggle with, but I know my daughter has worked hard to get her degree and is taking on an exciting opportunity with a good company.

Los Angeles I’m not so sure about it, but she continues to surprise me with what she can handle, so hopefully since it’s only 1 1/2 hr flight away, we can visit and keep in touch regularly rather than every few years like we do with our parents. She’s our only one too, so we tend to dote on her, so she’ll probably get more visits than she want, oh well—the woes of being an only child.