Daughters with fragile X

Does anyone have a daughter with a full mutation, and if so, what are her symptoms?

My wife unbeknown to either of us has a full mutation.? We did not find out until our little boy was diagnosed.? My wife graduated with a?Communications Degree?(3.5 GPA) from a good college and held a very good job as a medical claims insurance adjuster.? She speaks 2?languages fluently and is?one of the most well-read people I have ever met (not many people I know quote from?Ayn Rand and Gabriel Garcia Marquez in both there native tongues).? Although she has her issues with some abstract math she is?proficient enough that you could never tell it is a problem.? This however is not always the case, some fragile x women do have?some serious delays.?But keep up hope their cognitive abilities are all over the map.
I hope this helps some.

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