DDAVP or others?

My husband has CDI and he takes sometimes 6 sprays at a time and even then it doesnt hold him. It seems to run out about mid day and that is when he consumes massive amounts of fluids. The pills didn’t help and I was wondering if there are any other meds he could try? What is Minirin? We are trying to get in with his endo. doc and wold love to have more information to quiz her about!

Minirin is a trade name for desmopressin. My endo changed me from tablet to nasal spray as the tablet is not doing well for me, I need a really high dose with tablet. I am fine with spray, but I do need extra dose when I am sick or stress (due to traveling, too much office work). Perhaps you want to visit these sites :

for minirin nasal spray

for minirin injection

for minirin tablet